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How far in advance do I need to book at birthday party?

We recommend booking one week in advance, but we can book a party the day before if space is available.

Are the party tables decorated?

Yes. Wahooz will decorate your party tables with a colorful table cloth, balloons, plates, cups, napkins and utensils. You are more than welcome to bring in your own party supplies. Please let us know in advance. Bringing your own party decorations will not decrease your party charge.

Do you provide invitations?

Wahooz birthday invitations are available to print or to email on the Birthdays page, or if you want free professionally printed postcard invitations you may pick these up during operating hours.

Is there seating for adults?

Yes. We want to make sure all your guests are comfortable so we set aside seating for guests not participating in the birthday package, up to one adult per participating child. If there are more adults than participating children there is a $15 charge per table of 10.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes. We do require a $100, non-refundable deposit. We can take your deposit over the phone with a credit card or you can come to Wahooz and make your deposit within three days making your reservation. We do not accept personal checks.

What if we have guests of different heights and ages all in the same group?

Your party host will help you measure each guest to make sure they know what attractions they meet the height requirements for. To ensure you're not paying for a package in which a guest isn't tall enough to ride many of the attractions you are welcome to mix and match packages as long as you pay for at least eight guests.

Do you supply a cake or can I bring my own?

Either is fine. We would be happy to order a cake for you from Pastry Perfection (call for pricing) or you can supply your own as long as you have a birthday package. No other outside food or beverages are allowed except cake. 

Can I take my leftover food and cake?

We are more than happy to box any leftovers and store them in our refrigerator until you leave the park.

Can I bring in outside food?

We do not allow outside food or beverages. Cake is the only exception.

If we don't book a birthday package can we still sit at a table and throw our own party?

Yes, however we cannot reserve a table for you. The tables in the restaurant are on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to better serve all guests we ask that you limit your table time to 45 minutes.

If we throw our own party can we bring a cake?

You are welcome to bring in a cake, however no other food, drinks, or cups are allowed.

Do we eat or play first?

The table time is scheduled for the beginning of your party. Your host/hostess is responsible for taking care of the party during your table time. At the end of the table time you will receive your game cards and wristbands, then your party can go and enjoy the rest of the park.

Can I order additional food off the menu?

Absolutely. We offer a number of platters and specials that can be found on our birthday brochure or you can choose from a number of delicious options on our Clubhouse Grill menu.

One of our birthday guests has food allergies. Can he/she get something other than the pizza that comes with the packages?

Please let us know what food allergy the guest has and we will do our best to find a suitable meal replacement, or they are welcome to bring in their own meal if their allergy is severe.